CSR Consultancy Services

ESS is known for its capability to integrate Engineering solutions with Sustainability. Company has completed many CSR projects in the domain of Air Pollution, Water and Wastewater and Health

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Company has designed various expert solutions in the field of water and wastewater. Solutions range from low cost Natural Treatment system to Advance Electromechanical Systems. ESS has designed and commissioned various projects in the field of

  1. Waterbody preservation
  2. In-situ Drain Treatment
  3. Zero Liquid Discharge Systems
  4. Decentralised Wastewater Treatment
  5. Organics Treatment
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Air Pollution Monitoring and Treatment

ESS has developed in-house technologies with support from IITs and NEERI

  1. Ambient air and Odour pollution monitoring systems for Landfill  and Sewage Treatment Plant
  2. Diffused Air Cleaning System (DACS) - For ambient air pollution Treatment
  3. Wind Augmentation and Purifying Unit (WAYU) - For Traffic Junctions
  4. Phyto-Filter -Combination of Natural and Electro-Mechanical system for air pollution Treatment
  5. Self- Cleansing coating which can be applied on walls for Air pollution Treatment
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ESS Environment Consultants and experts combine engineering and biology to solve urban environmental problems. The environment being multi-disciplinary field require knowledge sharing from all the fields. Our expertise lies in designing precise, low cost and natural solutions based on the principal of bio-mimicry. Our solutions have low maintenance and operational cost with the life of more than 10 years across the domain.

The company holds various patents and licenses in the field of water, air and solid waste. We have already designed solutions for the most pressing environmental problems like sensor based air pollution monitoring, odour monitoring, In-situ drain treatment, waterbody rejuvenation, Floating boom for trapping waste dumping into rivers and water bodies.

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Do you have Environment related query ??

For consultation on any query related to Environment and sustainability, please drop a mail to info@essenviro.com